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Let's Set up your Agent Backpack (that's where we hide all the cool stuff)

If you have received your Agent Welcome email and already set up your Agent Backpack, Awesome you're done on this page!

If not, then go to Step 1


If you are here, then you should have completed Step 1. Move on to Step 2



Go to the Agent Backpack login page:

  • Click Here to access the Agent Backpack login page
  • Then Click "Agent Login" top right of page
  • Your "Username" is your "email address" 
  • Now Click "Forgot Password"
  • Check your email to continue 


Agent Agreements

To begin selling our products, the Agent Agreement/W9 document must be completed.

To access Agent Documents and Agreements

  • Log into your Agent Backpack
  • On the left column at the bottom, click "Agent Hub"
  • There is a big Red button at the top of the next screen "START HERE! Click For All Agent Agreements"
  • Click the button to review and submit the Agent Agreement



Start Sharing our Products!

Once you setup the Agent Referral ID, you can then start sharing your sales link. The Agent Referral ID contain a "cookie" called an "a_aid".  The a_aid allows us trace activity back to you, example where the Agent Referral ID is MDPlus: https://HealthAllianceNetwork.com/?a_aid=MDPlus.

Click Here for the get started overview.

You're in business. Start Sharing!


Understanding your Agent Back Office

Your Agent Back Office will provide you with marketing materials, training videos, agent and sales reporting and many more features to help you grow your business.

Access your back office from the Main Page of www.HealthAllianceNetwork.com and click "About Us" in the Navigation and select "Agents"

  • In the Left Column, Click My Profile and complete your details
  • In the Left Column, Click Agent Hub. There is a lot of information here, but it is important to understand what tools are available.
  • Once you have reviewed Agent Startup, Product Training and Sales Training, you will be well versed on your new business.


Check out your Agent Dashboard to access resources, reports, videos, demos and more: https://healthalliancenetwork.com/AgentDashboard

Got Questions? Of course you do. Make a list and reach out to your Team Leader.

We are here to help you every step along the way, your success is your teams success!

Welcome to Team Health Alliance where we believe that "Everyone Deserves Affordable and Accessible Healthcare"

Steve Utley
Chief Executive Officer

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