Organic Farmers Association Offers Simplified Healthcare - NO Copay & 24/7 Access to Doctors!

It's hard to leave the farm, bring healthcare straight to you and provide affordable healthcare for your employees. This member benefit provides 50% savings for:

  • Real-time interaction with doctors and specialists Reduced risk and exposure to infectious disease
  • Healthcare without leaving home
  • Time-saving- no crowded waiting rooms
  • Telehealth is the smart choice for healthcare delivery to a modern society
  • Come for the prescription, stay for the healthcare
  • The Pandemic has highlighted the effectiveness of telemedicine.

    CDC and HHS endorses Telehealth as the "First Point and New Standard of Care".  Unless it is an emergency there is no reason to make a trip to the doctors office, urgent care or even the emergency room.

    For more information contact:

    Kate Mendenhall

    No Start Up Cost.  No Commitment.  Cancel Anytime. 

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    Health Alliance Network Benefits

    Our Seven Key Benefits Include:

    • Unlimited Medical Care $0 Co-Pay
    • Unlimited Dermatology $0 Co-Pay 
    • Behavioral Health Counseling and Talk Therapy
    • Prescriptions via online doctor visits
    • Self Ordered Blood and Lab Test (no doctor office visit needed)
    • Rx Member Benefits (extreme Member discounts on prescriptions)
    • Personal Electronic Medical Records | EMR
    • Personal Healthcost Estimator


     Health Alliance Network Value

    Dramatically Reduce The Cost of Health Care

    • Use in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
    • Same doctors and high-quality Healthcare you would receive from any health plan
    • Every Member gets equal access to healthcare
    • One plan includes the entire household even while traveling or at college
    • Key Supplemental Benefits even if you have another health plan
    • Affordable, Convenient and Simplified