New World, New Opportunities in Telemedicine

In a Good Economy, Our Business Model is Good. In a Bad Economy our Business Model is Great!

There are three very necessary things that all humans need every day:
1. Food
2. Housing
3. Healthcare

We crossed Food and Housing off our list and focus on Healthcare.

This is an unprecedented window of opportunity to pair your passion with purpose.

We have done all the heavy lifting. You simply build the relationship and we do the rest. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We let you do what you do best... build relationships.

• No License Needed
• Operate in all 50 states
• Work from Anywhere
• We do all the collecting and pay you the monthly residuals
• Most powerful way of earning money. Residuals that can pay you monthly for the life of the customer
• Ability to build your own team and a residual income that you can retire on
• Less overhead, no liability and no employees
• Complete control over your time, income and destiny

Every person, every business in America needs Healthcare, and more importantly "Affordable Healthcare".
Health Alliance Network fills the Gap to Affordable Healthcare with a product that is available to everyone.

Our Membership model that gives everyone access to Telemedicine is unmatched. We offer no Member startup costs, Month to Month Membership and Customers can cancel at anytime.

Every business in America has expenses, but we keep yours to a minimum. Included in your start up cost is State of the Art Training, Support, with Income Opportunities and Marketing Programs to get new customers. Monthly commission overrides up to 60% paid monthly, each and every month that your customers keep their Memberships.

Healthcare Consultant Opportunity

Available Locations:
Our Healthcare services are available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, but you can work from anywhere in the world.

Minimum Cash Required:
$145 - $400

Your Business is Backed by our Team, Consisting of:
Our marketing partners that help you get the right message out, the team leaders to train you step by step, our national account managers who help you to close new clients, and an experienced executive team to back you.

We handle the software, we handle the collections, we handle the bookkeeping, we handle the compliance, we provide the products, we provide the Agent website, we provide the support team, we provide the genius behind this business model and you build the relationships that you can thrive on.

One Minute Video:
New World, New Opportunities Video: