We have the most powerful fundraiser on the planet.  Our fundraiser offers a product that's needed by every person, every family, every employee and beyond.

Our fundraiser is simple.  Our Telemedicine product makes healthcare incredibly simple.  Convert "donors" to "customers".  Face it, most people feel that a fundraiser is just a donation, not a service or product that they really need.

Our Telemedicine is used by millions every day.  The only difference in offering Telemedicine through your fundraiser is two things;

1.  It is the exact same product that is offered on our website for $34.99 per family per month, but offered at substantial discounts through your fundraiser.   

2.  You will receive a generous referral fee from each Telemedicine service purchased. 

Further, you will continue to receive your referral fees each and every month as long as the customer keeps the account active.  Our experience has been that we retain about 90% of our enrolled customers.  Imagine, getting paid month after month as long as the "donor" now "customer" keeps their Telemedicine service, even if its 10 years later.

Value, Affordable and Useful.  You don't need to convince others they need healthcare, everyone needs healthcare.  We just make it accessible and affordable. The perfect fundraiser for your perfect cause.

If you'd like more information on our incredibly simple healthcare plan for fundraising, complete the quick form below and we will get back to you right away.