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Set Your Own Schedule

Since telehealth is 24/7/365, you’ll enjoy the freedom to treat patients online, at your convenience.

Increased Availability

Telehealth removes the barriers to healthcare access, allowing you to see patients who might otherwise not be able to make it into a doctor’s office due to being homebound, having busy schedules, or traveling.

Ease Of Use

Apple… Android… An App makes it simple for your patients to connect with you, and cut down on missed appointments.

Virtual Visits are easier then ever!

Improving care. Reducing costs. Increasing access.

  • Treat patients via secure video or phone

  • Document consultations online

  • Send prescriptions electronically

  • Access patient health records

Our physician-focused company has blended the lines between clinical excellence and technological genius, resulting in a patient experience unlike any other.


If you are board-certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, family medicine, or pediatrics, we want you.

Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral health providers are psychiatrists, psychologists & masters level behavioral health therapists.


We only use the very best board certified dermatologists.

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