What Health Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

The U.S. Military, NATO, Red Cross and other major organizations are embracing and implementing Telemedicine as a way to deliver healthcare in the event or a disaster. Although 36 states now require telemedicine be offered by health insurance companies, most carriers are carefully concealing your benefits.

Chances are, if you are fortunate enough the have full healthcare coverage, buried somewhere in the small print is telemedicine. That’s good right? No, and here’s why. Although your policy includes telemedicine, it’s not easy to access, it usually doesn’t extend to the household and it comes with unreasonable co-pays for a very limited service.

Fortunately, there are companies like Health Alliance Network that offer full service telemedicine from U.S. Board Certified Physicians that includes unlimited telemedicine, unlimited dermatology, mental health and even a prescription benefit service for less per month then most insurance companies will charge you for one visit.  Unlimited healthcare for the entire family for less then a single co-pay. Now that is healthcare simplified. 

 “Telemedicine is absolutely a huge opportunity that our state and our nation needs to look at,” says Cary Officer, Vice President of Nemours Care Connect.

In a RAND report released in June 2018, ““Our study suggests that direct-to-consumer (DTC) telemedicine is a new way to deliver routine healthcare to people… Relying on direct-to-consumer telemedicine services may help relieve the immediate burden on local health care system.”

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