These Pharmacies offer Free Prescriptions

Ready to start saving on your medications? How about Free? There are many chains and private pharmacies that offer free medications and it might surprise you what you can actually get for free.

Never pay for antibiotics again. It’s easier then you think. Not only have we found where to get your antibiotics free, we have even found a list of medications for just $2.50 or less a month at local pharmacies.

What’s the catch? First, you’re gonna need a doctor’s prescription and next there is generally a time limit up to a 90 day supply.

It also pays to do a little research before you just select a favorite pharmacy. Our research has shown a wide range or pricing from pharmacy to pharmacy, even when in the same town or across the street.

We ran price comparisons at 12 local pharmacies in one south Florida community and found the price for one routine medication to range from $0 - $223 dollars for the exact same prescription (generic of course) without using insurance.

Many times, we find the copay with your insurance is actually higher then the cash pay price. Makes us question what our insurance company is doing.

It pays to call first, place order second. But, if you’re like me, I usually do it backwards. I have my doctor send the prescription to my usual pharmacy, then I end up transferring to a more affordable pharmacy. I save an incredible amount of money by taking the time to find the lowest cost and then doing a simple transfer from pharmacy to pharmacy.  Don’t worry, we give you a mobile or online tool that instantly checks all the prices in your neighborhood and displays all the pricing, starting with lowest price first.

To make it even easier, the new pharmacy will do all the work for you. Say you want to transfer from Walgreens pharmacy to Publix pharmacy (as an example only), Publix (the new pharmacy) all initiate the transfer for you. It’s just that easy.

We have compiled a list of pharmacies that offer free medications and prescriptions and since it is always changing we have included a link here to keep you up to date.

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