The Employer Provided Benefit That Pays for Itself

6:00. am, the alarm sounds like a fog horn cutting through the silence. That annoying cough kept you up late and now you wake with a sore throat struggling to find the courage to get out of bed and trek off to work.

The kids need to be clothed, fed and taken to school and you have a major presentation this morning so there is no time to waste sitting in a crowded waiting room full of sick people at the urgent care.

Luckily your company understands you have a busy life and your health and wellness is one of their priorities.

You grab your phone, open the telemedicine App and within minutes you’re speaking with a doctor while pouring milk over the cereal.  The doctor gives you a diagnosis, sends a prescription directly to your pharmacy and grab the prescription in the drive thru while dropping the kids off.

Sound like a fantasy world? This scenario happens each and every day with the Members of our Telemedicine Network. 

It eliminates stressed, missed work days and creates healthier and happier employees. Best of all our Telemedicine includes unlimited medical, unlimited dermatology, behavior health and unlimited prescription benefits with no co-pays, no deductibles and no exclusions on use for the entire family. Yes, everyone in your household is covered with one transparent plan. You know the benefit and the cost. Nothing more out of pocket. 24/7/365 because colds, flus and more don’t always happen 9 to 5.

If your employer isn’t already offering Telemedicine benefits with no co-pays and unlimited use for the entire family tell them about Health Alliance Network. We have a healthcare plan that covers each and every family member for less then a drive-thru lunch.


A Whole New World of Employer Health Benefits

Telemedicine in the workplace offers employers a unique and beneficial way to ensure their employees are receiving timely and convenient health care. Employers can offer telehealth benefits as part of an overall health insurance package or even provide an access to a telehealth program or on-call physician. Telemedicine offers a variety of benefits to both the employer and employee:

   •   Reduced cost of healthcare benefits and less out of pocket fees for copays at urgent care or emergency rooms.

   •   Saves time by avoiding in office visits for employees and their families

   •   More direct care leads to a healthy work force and increased productivity.

   •   Reduce Unnecessary Employee Absenteeism.

Millennials now comprise the largest of todays workforce and place more value on health care that is convenient and cost effective. They are also more likely to adopt new technology than other generations, making them prime candidates for telehealth visits.

Are you ready to:

   •   Increase Employee Loyalty and Retention.

   •   Have Happier and Healthier Employees and their families.

   •   Reduce Unnecessary Employee Absenteeism.

Let’s Get Started! It takes just a few minutes with just a few simple questions and your all set.

Steve Utley, CFO

Health Alliance Network

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