Health Alliance Network is empowering Employers with a truly affordable healthcare option

There's no shortage of opinion on how to fix our country's broken healthcare system, but our simple "farm logic" and proven idea of providing healthcare to all just makes sense.

Our healthcare plan can be employer paid, employee paid or any combination. The HAN plan (Health Alliance Network) is so affordable it allows any employer to offer healthcare to their workforce.

The HAN Plan is, in short, a healthcare delivery model in which the employer or employees pay a flat monthly subscription fee for access to primary care, urgent care, dermatologist and more, whenever needed. The low monthly fee covers high-quality, coordinated, and affordable care for individuals of all ages and income levels.

It is important to note that patients have no copays, no deductibles and no per visit fee. Physicians don't have to rush through appointments or perform an exorbitant amount of paperwork to get reimbursements from insurance because nobody ever files a claim, ever. One low monthly fee for everyone, it's that simple. No ifs, no ands, no buts. 

Physicians can spend more time with each patient as needed allowing them to better understand each patients' needs. Faster and equal access to healthcare improves better outcomes, lowers costs and elevates the patient experience with the physician.

Employers who offer HAN healthcare as a benefit enjoy reduced costs by keeping primary healthcare outside of the expense fee-for-service billing model. Better access to healthcare makes healthier, happier employees and less spending on healthcare for both employer and patients.

Good health starts with convenient and affordable access to healthcare at Health Alliance Network.

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