Benefits are Back at the top of "most wanted" for Employees

Health Alliance Network

An employee benefit package for less then $180 a year that includes real healthcare is skyrocketing in popularity.

The value of employee benefits has been growing faster than wages and salaries. With unemployment at an all time low, more and more employers are offering benefits to attract and retain their employees.

Healthcare, as with most industries, is no exception. More and more employers are turning to telehealth as a value added benefit that can actually demonstrate an ROI. Telehealth is gaining momentum in terms of social acceptance, over 77% of Americans own a smartphone, making telehealth a prime opportunity for benefit utilization at no additional cost to the employee or employer.

Just one $15 per month plan can save an employer thousands of dollars on unnecessary employee absenteeism, prescription medications, down time and increased productivity. To Learn More Click Here.

Telehealth benefits include: Unlimited Medical, Unlimited Dermatology, Behavioral / Mental Health counselors and Unlimited Prescription Benefit plan.

This telehealth update brought to you by Health Alliance Network.

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