Affordable Health Care for Truck Drivers

Health Alliance Network keeps you and your Truck Rollin'​

Affordable Health Care for truck drivers can be nearly impossible to find. Independent Owner Operators usually must purchase their own individual or family health plan. Sadly, many of these drivers cannot afford the premiums to get adequate health care for themselves, much less their own families. Luckily, there are choices available. Health Alliance Network offers affordable, convenient and accessible health care for truck drivers and their families.

Designed with truckers in mind, the Health Alliance Network plan has:

24/7 access to US Board Certified doctors with no additional fees or copays

• Unlimited Medical Visits 24/7 from anywhere

• Unlimited Dermatology Visits 24/7 from anywhere

• Behavioral Health Counseling from anywhere

• Available in all 50 States 24/7

• Free Prescription Benefit Plan and more

No matter where you are today or tomorrow, you will access to a doctor to keep you Rollin’

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