$802,000 for Teachers Health Trust

Nevada Wellhealth recommends Telemedicine to the Clark County School District using Health Alliance Network providers

Telemedicine offers the 40,000 participants convenience and lowers costs for low-acuity healthcare during the busy school year, while also bridging gaps in care during holidays, the summer travel season along with nights and weekends.

This new benefit has caught on with plan participants right away. Over 34% of the participants have used our telemedicine product.

The high numbers are attributed to the participants (teachers) satisfaction with the program. " We felt telemedicine would fill a critical need for educators who have little time for themselves, and who desperately need convenient access to quality health care".

The Bottom Line

~Wellhealth saved more than $802,007 in the last 12 months by introducing our telemedicine platform as a healthcare benefit, with a total redirection savings of $905,000 including productivity savings of $398,202.

Total Estimated Savings Breakdown:

Redirection Savings*  +$905,536

Productivity Savings*  +$398.202

Gross Savings       $1,303,738

Minus fees           -$501,731

Net Savings          $802,007

*Redirection Savings: On every visit, the Member is asked, "Where would you have gone for care if Telemedicine was not available?" ER, UCC, Primary Doctor or None *Productivity Savings: We calculate productivity savings based on time away from work to seek care for themselves and/or children and dependants.~Wellheath is an ACO who manages healthcare benefits for over 3,000 healthcare providers

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